Thursday, May 18, 2017

How to programmatically add menu items to favorites menu via X++ in Dynamics AX

The favorites menu is a bit unusual in AX in the way you need to add to it. Most of the way it works appears to be Kernel level, but through some TreeNode usage you can add items to it.

This will add the "SalesTable" menu item to your favorites.

static void JobAddToFavorites(Args _args)
    TreeNode                treeNode;
    TreeNode                menuToAdd = TreeNode::findNode(@"\Menu Items\Display\SalesTable");
    TreeNodeIterator        iterator;
    UserMenuList            userMenu;
    Menu                    menuNode;

    treeNode = infolog.userNode();
    iterator = treeNode.AOTiterator();
    treeNode =;
    if (treeNode)
        userMenu = treeNode;

        // find 'My Favorites' user menu; 
        treeNode = userMenu.AOTfindChild("@SYS95713");

        // Note menuNode is a different object than userMenu
        menuNode = treeNode;


Another table to take note of is SysPersonalization if you're looking at doing this for multiple users. I haven't dug into this deeply, but this code snippet should get you started with what you may want to do.


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