Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dynamic dialog controls at runtime

This is a job that demonstrates how to dynamically add controls (specifically radio button) to a dialog at runtime and also change their position and access their values.

You can use this style in custom advanced UI builders.

static void AKDynamicDialogExample(Args _args)
    Dialog                  dialog = new Dialog();
    FormBuildRadioControl   fbRadioControl;
    FormRadioControl        radioControl;
    // Add the radio button, name it anything
    fbRadioControl = dialog.formBuildDesign().addControl(FormControlType::RadioButton, 'RadioButton1');

    // Set radio basic properties
    fbRadioControl.caption("Test Radio Buttons");
    fbRadioControl.items(2); // This is needed

    fbRadioControl.item(1); // Switch to first item
    fbRadioControl.text("Item 1"); // Set first item's text
    fbRadioControl.item(2); // Switch to second item
    fbRadioControl.text("Item 2"); // Set second item's text

    // This is needed to instantiate the FormRun

    // Just passing one argument moves it UP.
    // So this moves it UP above the "OK/Cancel" buttons created

    if (dialog.closedOk())
        // You need to access it from the formRun() with the correct
        // form control
        radioControl = dialog.formRun().control(;
        info(strFmt("%1", radioControl.selection()));

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