Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Are you sure that you want to cancel this operation? Keeps popping up fix

If "Are you sure that you want to cancel this operation?" keeps popping up over and over when you open AX, the fix is, when the prompt is up, press Ctrl+Pause, then click "No".

This happens to me all the time because Ctrl+Alt+Pause is a shortcut to make a remote desktop window full screen...and if AX is open and catches some of the keystrokes, it puts it in some sort of weird loop.


  1. Nice tip! Gotta love the multiple key inputs. Hit Atl+Ctrl+Shift+F5 while tapping your space bar 5 times at 95 BPM tempo. I heard the Konami code works well, too.

  2. There is no fix. It is a feature that you can use to prevent lengthy operations. I.e. you launched a job with no filters and you know it's a mistake and will take a long time, you can use these key strokes and interrupt it. This feature has been there forever.

    1. @Eugene Shamshurin, You must not have used this feature very often. I know it's intended purpose and function, but there is a bug where sometimes, you will open a fresh AX client or will be working in another RDP window, and it will just popup, and will never stop popping up.

      Then you close/open the AX client, and it continues to popup non-stop. I know a lot of users just restart their computer.

      I think it is a bug around FormRun.task() where the client captures the keystrokes, caches their state, then thinks you are constantly pressing them, when you are not pressing at all.

      There is some sequence to reproduce it, but it has to do with opening a local client, then connecting to an RDP session and pressing Ctrl+Alt+Pause/Break to full-screen the RDP client, then working back/forth between RDP/Local and taking in/out of full-screen with those keystrokes...eventually the AX local client will get caught in an endless loop.

  3. It worked for me as I too am using RDP and I use Control + Alt + Pause to switch to full screen. So Control + Pause did the trick, Thanks.