Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Job to export all AX 2009 security groups to files

I have been changing security a bunch lately and it's nice to have a backup of your previous settings if you make a mistake.  Here is a quick job I wrote to export your existing security settings to a folder.

static void ExportSecurityGroups(Args _args)
    SysSecurityUserGroup    sysSecurity = SysSecurityUserGroup::construct();
    UserGroupInfo           userGroupInfo;
    DomainInfo              domainInfo;

    Dialog                dialog  = new Dialog("@SYS14863");
    DialogField           dialogFileName;
    DialogField           dialogDomain;
    Object                formdialog;

    dialogFileName = dialog.addField(typeid(FilePath),"@SYS16423");
    dialogDomain    = dialog.addField(typeid(DomainId), "@SYS89852");
    formdialog = dialog.formRun();

    if ( && WinAPI::pathExists(dialogFileName.value())  &&
        (dialogDomain.value() == ''     ||
         (select firstonly domainInfo where domainInfo.Id == dialogDomain.value()).recId != 0))
        if (dialogDomain.value() == '')
        while select userGroupInfo
            sysSecurity.export(dialogFileName.value() + @'\' + dialogDomain.value() + '_' + + '.asg');
        warning("No action taken...");



  1. Nice tool, but there is something missing: the Domain. When I tried running it, all of the groups contained empty information. Before the dialog setup (the first line of runnable code), I added:

    Now everything exports properly. For implementations with multiple domains, you may want to go a little bit further and add a dropdown box to select which domain to export from.

    1. Great comment. The environment I was working in didn't use Domains so I spaced them. I've updated the job to work with domains.

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